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Cove Home Security Review

*Back To School Sale Extended: 50% Off Equipment + Free Camera

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 Last Updated:  8/1/2020

Cove Home Security Review

*Back To School Sale Extended: 50% Off Equipment + Free Camera

See what it costs

 Last Updated:  8/1/2020

#1 best value
Bottom Line
And their equipment? It's top-notch. If you're in the market for a premium home security system at a fantastic value -- your search should end with Cove.

*Back To School Sale Extended: 50% Off Equipment + Free Camera

See what it costs

60 day money-back guarantee

direct distribution

lifetime warranty

premium quality

customer service

brand recognition
95 of 99 found the following review helpful 

“7 month review -- I've wanted a security system for years, but was always scared off by the high prices and contracts. When I was introduced to Cove, their price made it a no-brainer. Now, 7 months later, I can happily say Cove has saved me money. How? Well, during their signup process, you will notice they have an optional flood sensor.  I thought it might come in handy, so I got one and put it in my basement. Needless to say, a couple months later, a pipe broke. Luckily, I was alerted by Cove and shut off the water into my home before any major damage was done. I didn't even have to call a disaster clean up service (that's usually $2K minimum. I've done it before, twice). I just aired it out myself and thanked Cove.”



+  InstaText messaging alerts

+  Two-way audio camera

+  Cost effective

  Easy Self-Install

+  Lifetime Warranty

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- App is basic

- Monitoring required

- Outside cameras not available YET...

- 5 camera limit 

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Get Cove Security if...

●  Price matters as much as safety. Unless you are just rolling in the dough, price will be one of the main factors when choosing a home security system. But safety is equally important. There's no sense even paying $1 for a subpar system that will only give you a false sense of security. Cove has all of the features you may need to help protect your home at less than the cost of a dinner for two.

●  You like a no pressure sign up. We can't say it enough. After signing up for Cove through their website, I would never sign up for a company with a "sales rep."

●  You want window open sensors. Believe it or not, one of the top competitors in the DIY home security space doesn't even have window opening sensors. They rely solely on motion detectors. Well, the thing about that is, in order for them to detect motion within your house, somebody would have to be in your house. I want my alarm to go off the instant somebody tries to slide open my window. Not after they are already inside.

●  Guarantees you can count on. Cove is so confident you will love their product they offer a 60 day money-back-guarantee. If the system isn't everything you hoped and dreamed of, send it back at no cost to you. Cove also has a lifetime warranty for all their equipment, so you can rest assured, if something breaks, they are there for you.

Skip Cove if..

You want to self monitor. One of the reasons Cove can get you equipment so cheap is because they require you to sign up for monthly monitoring. Basic starts at $15 per month, and premium is $25 monthly. That's still lower than virtually all professionally monitored systems. Nevertheless, you straight up can't be a Cove customer unless you sign up for monthly monitoring.

●  You want to control your thermostat from your phone. Hey, some people love that. If that's you, then you have two options. Get a more pricey system with this add-on feature, or just get yourself a nest 😉

*Back To School Sale Extended: 50% Off Equipment + Free Camera

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Cove Installation

Approximately 1 hr

Cove is a DIY home security system. Therefore, you get to install it yourself.  Luckily for us, Cove made it brain-dead easy. From the moment we cracked open the box for the first time, until we were wiping our hands clean and were making dinner plans, was about an hour. We probably could have done it faster if we weren't so curious.

The Camera

Another way Cove helps you save money is by using a third-party camera unit with their technology (kind of like how Tesla uses Mercedes Benz parts in their cars). They recognize they are a technology / home security company, not a camera manufacturer. They didn't even try to do their own. They decided to use the YI indoor camera. It has some features we absolutely love, and some we do not.

First, the most awesome part. Two-way voice communication. If you have young kids who don't have cell phones, or you just want to pass it quick message to somebody, you can use the Cove app and the YI camera acts as a walkie-talkie. The user of the app can see in the camera view, but the person on camera can't see you back (which might be preferable, depending on the situation).

Second, my least favorite feature.  I wish it had a wider angle lense. It's about 115 degrees, which means if it's in the corner of a room, it can see everything fine, but you could not place it flat on a wall and get a 180 degree view to see everything in the room from left to right. You have to catch the right angle for full coverage.

Equipment/Services available

  • Cove Touch Alarm Panel
  • Door Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Key Remote
  • Window Sensor
  • Glass Break Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Flood Sensor
  • CO Detector
  • Medical Button
  • YI Indoor Camera
  • Cove InstaText
  • Cove LiveAssist
  • Professional Monitoring

Professional monitoring 👧

Here is what you are actually getting with Cove’s professional monitoring. In the case of an event, Cove will do the following:

Step 1: LiveAssist

LiveAssist, is a dedicated two-way communication channel between you and Cove built into your alarm panel. Whenever your alarm goes off, day or night, they speak to you directly through the panel.

Step 2: InstaText

Simultaneously, they send a text to the number on record. You can respond—Dismiss alarm or Dispatch—directly to the message and solve the problem on the spot.

Step 3: Direct Phone Call

The last step is a good-old-fashioned phone call. If they don't reach you, they'll contact emergency services.

Price 💲


Every house has different vulnerabilities and risks based on their floor plan. Cove gives you the freedom to choose any combination of their available equipment to sufficiently cover your household.


Based on our estimates, covering a house is likely going to cost in the $300 range, while an apartment could get by with probably $150 in equipment. They frequently discount there equipment by 30% or even 50% (and usually throw in a free camera). So, if there's a promotion going on right now, take advantage and snag your equipment on the cheap.

Monthly monitoring

Honestly, one of the things that kept me away from home security systems for years was the monthly monitoring cost. In my mind, it was a bogus feature that essentially did nothing. On top of that, some companies charge $50 or more for their monthly monitoring... that's $600 per year! Cove is breaking the mold. Their lowest monthly monitoring plan is $14.99, which covers everything we needed out of a home security system. They also have a slightly more expensive plan, in the $20 range, if your needs require. Either way, we believe you can't go wrong because even their most premium monthly monitoring plan is cheaper then you will find many places.

Customer Service 👩

Customer Support

Cove offers virtually 24/7 365 customer support. Feel free to send them a message online with any questions you may have.


Lifetime Warranty. Cove stands by their products with pride. If something goes wrong with your security system, reach out and you can expect a team member to help address your issue.

*Back To School Sale Extended: 50% Off Equipment + Free Camera

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Cove aims to make everything they do excellent, easy, enjoyable and economical.

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Business Age

Cove has been in business since the spring of 2018.


Summary Review ✔️


If you're looking for a premium home security system with an wide variety of options, your search can end with Cove. They're highly rated in the security world, and for great reason.

In our opinion, they have functionally better systems, amazing customer service and they offer truly one of a kind home security solutions at an incredible value.

*Back To School Sale Extended: 50% Off Equipment + Free Camera

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